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Expats explore Shuihu culture in Heze, Shandong province

2023/3/2 15:47:38

International students from the US, Pakistan and South Africa visited Yuncheng county, Heze city, E China’s Shandong province, where they experienced intangible cultural heritages of paper-cut and Caozhou dough modelling, learned Chinese kung fu from students of Song Jiang Martial Arts School, and tasted Chinese wine brewed in traditional way.

They were welcomed by a traditional cultural performance when heroes of the Water Margin welcomed guests by opening the gate of the city wall with wine in hand. Thousands of students from Song Jiang Martial Arts School performed Chinese kung fu on the Haohancheng Square.

“This is the movable type printing, one of the four great inventions of ancient China. Anyone wanna have a try?” Under the guidance of the guide, the international students learned to print. In the paper-cutting hall, inheritors demonstrated the paper-cutting of Chinese zodiac and Caozhou peony and taught them to make paper-cuts on site.

“This is my first trip to Heze. We’ve watched excellent intangible cultural heritage, visited wine factories and tasted Chinese baijiu. I’ve learned a lot through this activity. ” said Samuel who has been living in China for 14 years. “Yuncheng boasts profound historical and cultural deposits. I was stunned by my trip to Heze. Hope that I will have the opportunity to visit Heze again with my friends.” he added.

China has a long history of tea. “I am very honored to see such brilliant culture in Heze. I have learned a lot of knowledge here, which is really beyond my expectation. ” said Hannes after tasting the local tea.

In Song Jiang Martial Arts School, Fan Qingbin, principal of the school told the expats that kung fu originated in China and belongs to the world. He wished they would bring Chinese kung fu and Shuihu culture back to their countries.

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