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Foreign Friends Discover the Traditional Sauce and Vinegar Culture in Zibo

2023/10/9 9:33:17   source:ChinaNews

On October 7, more than 20 foreign students from the School of International Education of Shandong University of Technology made a tour to the Qimin Yaoshu Sauce Culture Experience Museum built by QIAO XIFU Group Co., Ltd. There, they appreciated the traditional Chinese sauce and vinegar culture and discovered the ancient brewing techniques.

Seasonings of the traditional Chinese diet are featured by great refinement and diversity. The basic five flavors, which are "sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, and salty", always produce fantastic taste changes. Foreign students started their journey of taste discovery from the "Taste Hall". They learned the rigorous steps to produce a drop of soy sauce with soybeans at the Intelligence Center of the Museum. Everyone scanned the QR code of product bottles and traced the product's complete making process from the farmland to the dining table.

Foreign students are viewing sauce and vinegar products. [Photo via the Information Office of Zibo Municipality]

"You can enjoy ice cream made of soy sauce and vinegar here. It is sour, sweet, and very tasty with a strong sauce flavor. It's really amazing!" acclaimed by Skina, a Russian girl.

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