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International media outlets explore Hisense's path of technological innovation

2023/10/12 17:10:55

The world's first foldable laser TV, the world's first MiniLED TV with a partition number of up to 40,000, and an 8K ultra-high-definition large-screen for watching games...Hisense constantly expands into new areas of technological innovation and explores diversified development directions, making itself leaders in many industries. On October 11th, the international media group from Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries for the fourth Qingdao Multinationals Summit visited Hisense to explore the path of its technological innovation that leads high-quality development.

Not long ago, Hisense released the world's first MiniLED TV with the partition number of 40,000, doubling the previous highest partition number in the industry and setting a new record. This achievement is attributed to Hisense's self-developed image quality chip, the SensinX. Having ensured the internationalization of market, the localization of manufacturing and R&D as well as the successive acquisition of foreign companies, Hisense has also achieved the international expansion by transforming from solely export to mergers and acquisitions, from exporting product to exporting management.

In addition to leading the ITS industry market for many years, Hisense has greatly accelerated the globalization process of its brand through sponsoring the UEFA Euro and the World Cup. It is reported that Hisense has officially become the global partner of the UEFA Euro 2024, and this will be its fifth time sponsoring a top-level football event.

Jung Eunji, a journalist from the News 1, said that she didn't know much about the Hisense brand before. After this experience activity, she was amzed by the advanced Hisense's TV display technology. "Thanks to the summit, excellent Chinese companies like Hisense have had enthusiastic exchanges with multinational companies," Jung Eunji said. She learned from the Qingdao Multinationals Summit that Shandong has very friendly opening-up policies, which has attracted many multinational companies to invest and expand their businesses in the province.

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