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Pedro Manuel Moreno: China's economic transformation provides new opportunities for multinationals

2023/10/12 10:40:01

The opening ceremony of the fourth Qingdao Multinationals Summit took place on the morning of Oct. 11. Pedro Manuel Moreno, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, delivered a speech.

Pedro Manuel Moreno highly praised the significance of this year’s Qingdao Summit. He stated that the summit has highlighted the challenges that the global economy is facing, while also exploring the vast potential of connectivity and partnerships in creating a world where prosperity is shared.

Currently, the global economic environment is undergoing changes that present significant challenges, particularly for businesses. Pedro Manuel Moreno believes that the development of green economy is increasingly becoming a crucial driving force for global economic growth. He hopes that the government can provide more robust policy measures to support businesses, especially multinational corporations, in achieving better development. Pedro Manuel Moreno also commends the progress of Qingdao's green economy as a prime example that is already leading the way. Qingdao is also proactively seeking investment and participation from multinational corporations in the advancement of its green economy. It is crucial for these corporations to fully recognize the vast potential presented by China's growth and capitalize on the opportunities arising from China's economic transformation and development.

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