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International students explore enchanting Gaoqing County, Zibo City

2023/6/3 18:55:33

On May 28, during the “Friendly Shandong, Remarkable Shandong ‘I love you’” cultural experience activity, 6 international students and foreign teachers from Cambodia and other countries visited Gaoqing County to explore its special charm.

Stepping into the cellar of Guojing 1915, expats were attracted by all kinds of Baijiu with full-bodied aroma. According to the narrator, Guojing Group has two of the best in the world, one is the world’s largest pure grain solid Baijiu production workshop, the other is the Guojing 1915 Cellar, which is also known as China’s first Baijiu Cellar.

When they left the cellar, Nasr Addine Mohammed from Morocco said, “I was totally obsessed with the aroma and the culture of Baijiu. Through the activity today, I’ve known more about Baijiu culture, and gained more knowledge. I will definitely introduce this to my friends.”

Eyeing the black cattle living with beer, music and soft bed, Seng Solita from Cambodia said, “since the black cattle living in such a comfortable environment, products here must enjoy good taste and abundant nutrients!”

Thanks to the experiencing activity, expats had a deeper understanding of the local culture and economic growth of Zibo city, contributing to its wider opening-up.

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