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International students immerse themselves in charming Heze

2023/4/7 12:28:42

On March 25, The “Friendly Shandong, Remarkable Shandong ‘I love you’” activity for foreign students visited Heze City, E China. Six international students from the US, Tanzania, Sudan, Bangladesh, Cote d'Ivoire and other countries had a in-depth travel in Yuncheng County and Caoxian County. They not only toured Yunzhou Museum, Water Margin Haohancheng, and the Yellow River Ancient Wetland Park in Caoxian County, but also experienced Shandong folk culture items such as playing the guzheng, making steamed flower-shaped buns, and wearing hanfu.

In the Yunzhou Museum and Shandong Lacquerware Art Museum, the international students immerse themeselves in valuable cultural relics, including stone carvings, cooper ware, pottery and porcelain, calligraphy and painting, and lacquer paintings and lacquerware to feel the beauty of Yuncheng County’s local history, culture and folk customs in a close distance.

“These precious and gorgeous exhibits are just stunning. I feel the breadth and depth of traditional Chinese culture, I know more about Chinese history, and I like this country more,” Athuman from Tanzania said excitedly.

Martial Art originates from China, and belongs to the world. In the Shui-hu Hero City, the students also experienced Chinese kung fu. Seeing the martial arts moves of the masters, they were eager to have a try. Just one move in kung fu has made them fall for the charm of traditional Chinese martial arts.

“I really like Chinese food, especially Shandong pastry.” In China, the steamed bun symbolizes prosperous life, while the dumplings are for the reunion.

Under the direction of Zhao Xin, chef of the flower bun shop, international students made dough “changed” into koi, rabbit, peony flowers, and colorful dumplings. “I really want to take my peony buns back to show my mom,” Tafaul ,who is from Sudan, said as she snapped photos of her adorable creations.

Besides flower-shaped buns and dumplings, the students also tried Heze’s local delicacies, including a peony banquet, Yuncheng Zhuang meat pie and Caoxian roasted whole lamb. Alex from the United States said, “There are so many delicious food in China, and the peony banquet is like a work of art. It is amazing that chefs can make carvings out of the food! We don't even want to eat it.” The students kept saying “Haochi”(Yummy) in Chinese every time they tasted a dish.

In Caoxian County, international students put on a gorgeous hanfu show. It’s amazing for foreigners wearing traditonal Chinese costumes.

In the Yellow River Old Riverway Wetland Park in Caoxian County, rape flowers are in full bloom. The students immersed themselves in the golden rape flowers and enjoyed the romantic spring day. They posed happily for photos, trying to capture the stunning beauty.

In addition, they visited Caoxian County Yunlong Wood Carving Technology Co., LTD., Caoxian County Village Memory Museum, and Shandong Handmade Exhibition and Experience Center in the Yellow River Old Riverway Wetland Park in Caoxian County.

“The trip to Heze City was so enjoyable, and every moment was so special. We enjoyed Heze’s food, saw the beautiful scenery, experienced rich activities and learned about Chinese history and culture. We are grateful to have made so many good memories in Heze,” Roland, who has lived in China for three years, said excitedly, “I look forward to bringing my family and friends to Heze again to appreciate peonies!”

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