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International students explore the charm of handicrafts in Weifang, Shandong

2023/3/22 16:08:20

Recently, international students and teachers of Weifang College visited Shihuyuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Center to experience the culture of leather carving.

In the leather carving studio, a variety of leather carving works made by the inheritor Yang Ruifeng were on display.

The leather carving, with thousands of years of history, has a unique creative technique. Yang Ruifeng said that, for leather carving, the most important thing is to choose a leather with high toughness. Leather carving works can be written or painted. The contents need to be carefully conceived before making to maximize the artistic beauty of the works.

“It’s amazing that we can write and paint on leather,” exclaimed Haddana from Algeria.

Under the guidance of Mr. Yang, the students also learned with great interest and immersed themselves in the charm of hand-made.

Haddana was very satisfied with his hand-made work, saying that he has been in China for more than ten years and loves Chinese traditional culture.

"I enjoyed this experience so much that I will tell my family and friends about this experience and share with them the charm of Chinese culture," said teacher Kim Ho Hua from South Korea.

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