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International students feel the charm of dough sculpture in Weifang

2023/3/20 17:54:57

Dough sculpture is a traditional art that uses flour as the main material to create a variety of vivid images. It’s also a precious intangible cultural heritage.

International students and foreign teachers of Weifang College visited Shihuyuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Center in Weifang recently to feel the charm of Weifang’s dough sculpture.

The art of dough sculpture was recorded in writing as early as the Han Dynasty, which has been more than 2,000 years ago.

Weifang dough sculpture shows its strong regional cultural charm with its complete, plump, vivid image and gorgeous colors. In 2011, Weifang dough sculpture was listed as Weifang Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project.

Meng Xiangxiang, inheritor of Weifang Meng Family Dough Sculpture skills, explained the development history of dough sculpture in detail and introduced the making techniques of dough sculpture. “These dough figurines are really fascinating!” said Maksim from Russia.

The foreign students were very interested in Weifang dough sculpture skills and wanted to do it by themselves. Under the guidance of Mr. Meng, a small piece of dough, after kneading, moulding and pressing, turned into lifelike rabbits in the hands of international students.

“Interesting! This is my first time to make dough sculpture,” said Ernest from Rwanda. “My rabbit is so cute. I’m very satisfied.”

The students felt the charm of Weifang's intangible cultural heritage and got a more in-depth understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

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