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Studying in Shandong: Expats experience camping base at Yellow River Tower

2023/9/20 9:43:07

Recently, nearly 30 foreign young tourists visited the Yellow River Tower Camping Base in Gaoqing County. The young tourists are from countries including Canada, the United States, Australia, and Mexico.

In the evening, all the expats sat in a circle and tasted Zibo barbecue and Gaoqing cuisine, and experienced the charm and natural scenery of the Yellow River together. “If there is an opportunity, I will definitely visit Gaoqing with my family again, experience the tranquility of the Yellow River, and embark on a happy and beautiful camping trip”, they said.

The Yellow River Tower Camping Base covers an area of over 150 mu and over 100 mu of lawn for camping. 16 sets of quadrangle courtyard homestays are built, and at the same time, RV campsites are equipped in the scenic area.

Activities with trendy and youthful elements such as barbecue music festivals, beer music festivals, and food festivals will also be held here in turns.

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