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Expats enjoy slow life in Zibo, Shandong

2023/6/2 18:43:51

Expats from countries of Cambodia, Morocco and Cameroon, invited by the “Friendly Shandong, Remarkable Shandong ‘I Love You’” cultural experience activity, visited Gaoqing County, Zibo City on May 28, to enjoy its unique culture and scenery.



In the Swan Lake Hot Spring International Cittaslow, expats enjoyed the enchanting lake scenery by boat in the rain.

Swan Lake Hot Spring International Cittaslow, built along the bank of the Yellow River, is a national 4A tourist attraction and the first international Cittaslow in the Yellow River basin. In recent years, Swan Lake Hot Spring Cittaslow has been built into a comprehensive cultural tourism industrial park integrating livable ecology, sightseeing and tourism, leisure and vacation, popularization of science, health care and fitness. The greening rate of the scenic spot has reached more than 80%, with over 80 species of more than 20,000 trees, attracting nearly 200 species of birds, and becoming an important habitat for rare birds.

Justin, an international student from Cameroon, said, "I feel so relaxed coming to such a beautiful place in Zibo. If I have the chance, I will invite other international students to come with me in the future to enjoy the slow life here."



They also visited to a crayfish breeding base.

This event aims to further deepen expats' understanding of Zibo's cultural and economic development, and make contributions to the international development of Zibo.


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