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Cultural exchange boosts Dongying-Livorno relations to a new level

2023/5/18 17:25:12

A cultural exchange between Dongying and Livorno kicked off in Dongying City, E China’s Shandong province. A delegation from Italy, led by Giovanna Cepparello, Councillor of Livorno, Italy, visited Dongying Art Museum and Xuelian Theater.

In the Dongying Art Museum, the delegation appreciated a Chinese Painting Creation Tour Exhibition of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, experienced the Yellow River clay tea cup kneading, and learned the creation process of Chinese painting and calligraphy.

“I was very excited to see the ink painting and calligraphy works and the painting techniques we didn’t know before. I also tried to paint with ink, from which I know that it is difficult but expressive.” Giovanna said that she will try to paint with ink when she returns to Italy.

In Xuelian Theatre, the delegation gathered to enjoy the performances with local culture like Drum Song of Peking and Lv Opera. “It was a great experience to visit Dongying,” said Giovanna. “The Xuelian Theater with modern structure is very different from other theaters. And I haven’t seen anything like Lv Opera in Italy.”

In the Yellow River Estuary International Friendly Cites Conference for Dialogue and Exchange, officials from both sides signed a letter of intent on establishing international friendly and cooperative relationship between Livorno and Dongying.

“Our two cities enjoy cooperation in several aspects, and I will report to our mayor on this visiting tour, so as to take this rare advantage to develop a closer relationship.” said Giovanna. “We made friends with lots of talents from the two countries, with whom we are hopeful to work together to promote exchanges and cooperation between two cities in economy, education, culture, etc.”

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