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Shandong starts the construction of Cultural Experience Route along Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway

2023/3/17 16:35:59

On March 16, the publicity and promotion activity of the Cultural Experience Route along Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway and “Traveling Around Qilu by High-speed train on Century-old Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway” was held in Jinan, China’s Shandong province.

The railway authorities and local governments signed strategic cooperation framework agreements on the integrated high-quality development of culture and tourism and the practice of youth research and study, issued appointment letters to 20 publicity ambassadors, and awarded 10 winners of the “Traveling Qilu by High-speed Train” photography competition. The theme interview activity of “Travelling Through Cultural Corridors, Visiting Economic Parks, Exploring High-quality Development of Shandong” was launched simultaneously.

At 10:25 am, the first named train with more than 500 tourists and media reporters slowly pulled out of Jinanxi Railway Station to start the experience journey. Cultural exhibitions of 16 cities of Shandong were presented respectively in 16 carriages. On display in the carriages are the exquisite flags showing the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Shandong, stickers showing hand-made and intangible cultural heritages, and hand-painted patterns of Shandong historical celebrities, reflecting the strong local characteristics.

Building cultural corridors and promoting high-quality development of integrated culture and tourism are major measures taken by Shandong province to build a pilot zone of green, low-carbon and high-quality development and create a new benchmark for “two cultural innovations”. One of the key tasks of the construction of the corridors is to build the “Cultural Experience Route along Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway” and the cultural brand of “Traveling Qilu by High-speed Train”.

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