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3 cities in Shandong newly rated as China’s express delivery demonstration cities

2023/2/1 15:07:16

The State Post Bureau announced the evaluation result of the third batch of China’s Express Delivery Demonstration Cities. Jinan, Weifang and Dezhou made the list this time, together with Qingdao and Linyi, which had passed the review in the first two batches, bringing the total number to 5 in Shandong.

At present, the evaluation of China’s Express Delivery Demonstration Cities has been organized for three times in 2016, 2019 and 2022 respectively, with a total of 41 rated. The demonstration cities in Shandong have put forward related development measures in accordance with the local conditions, geographical advantages and industrial features, and have formed a batch of advanced work experience in promoting development and ensuring people’s livelihood. Jinan has issued a number of specific supporting and subsidy policies to support the express service manufacturing project in the field of industry and information technology.

At present, Jinan has built 17 branded projects of express service manufacturing industry. Dezhou has invested 360 million yuan to support the construction of rural delivery and logistic system, and has now achieved a full coverage of delivery centers at township level and delivery stations at village level of county-level express delivery parks. The city is also among the first in Shandong to include the rural couriers in the public welfare post plan. Linyi City has accelerated the improvement of the four-level express service network connecting city, county, township and village, and has extended delivery service to distinctive agricultural products. Last year, the express business volume of the city exceeded 1.4 billion pieces, ranking the first place in the province, and the delivery volume of peaches, tree seedlings, grains and other items exceeded 10 million pieces.

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