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New look of rural areas in Shandong, China

2019/9/25 17:17:13

Industrial prosperity is the key to the rural revitalization, but also the requirement for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. A delegation of “Touch New Shandong” Foreign Agencies in Shandong visited the “mushroom town” of Zoucheng in Jining City to get al close glimpse of Shandong’s rural revitalization. The delegation contains about 30 people from consulates and enterprises of Thailand, South Korea and Japan.

Members of the delegation were stunned by the transformation of Dashu Town in edible fungus industry from a big production town to a strong brand town. Edible fungus industry is a project with little investment but quick results integrating economic benefit, ecological benefit and social benefit. The project of “mushroom town” consists of a mushroom culture town and a mushroom technology town. It will be built into a characteristic town featuring city and industry integration, industrial tourism, cultural tourism, and integrating research, production, processing and trading of mushroom.

At present, the project of mushroom town with a total investment of 5 billion yuan is under construction. After completion, the project can produce 120,000 tons of edible fungus annually, with an expected output value of 2 billion yuan. Wang Yujun, consul general of the Thai Consulate-General in Qingdao was impressed by the rapid changes of China’s countryside. “I have read some news that it will take a long time for China to develop its rural areas,” she said, “but, from the actual development situation I have seen, China’s rural areas have developed enough and the farmers are on their way to get rich. The government has played a crucial role in this aspect.”


As one of the ten edible fungus production bases in China, Zoucheng is marching toward the goal of becoming “the top city (county) of edible fungus in China” and implementing the plan of upgrading a whole industrial chain of edible fungus.

The agglomeration development of edible fungus industry has injected Dashu Town with inexhaustible impetus. Dashu Town will further create a favorable environment for the development of edible fungus industry, guide enterprises to intensify the intensive processing of edible fungus and the research of fungus products, extend the industrial chain, improve the added value, and build the mushroom town into a top town of edible fungus in China.

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