New Year in Shandong | Enjoy mountains in winter in Shandong 02-02-2024 22:23:30

Mount Meng in Linyi Mount Meng integrates Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, condensing the Yimeng spirit with contemporary significance. (Photo by Chen Guangjin)

Mount Lao in Qingdao It is a famous maritime mountain with the highest peak in Qingdao, known as the "first maritime mountain" in China. (Photo by Ji Chunzhang)

Mount Tai in Tai’an It is the first of the Five Sacred Mountains, regarded by the ancients as a paradise "directly leading to the throne", and widely worshipped by the people. (Photo by Chen Aiguo)

Mount Jiuru in Jinan It is the source of the Jinxiuchuan Reservoir - one of the birthplaces of the 72 famous springs in Jinan, and one of the new eight scenic spots of the Spring City. (Photo by Zhou Bowen)

Mount Yantai It is a landmark scenic spot in Yantai City, named after Yantai City. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, featuring beautiful environment and charming scenery. (Photo by Qu Yuzhi)

Mount Yunmen in Weifang Although the mountain is not so high, it has a momentum of one thousand feet and has been a famous mountain in central Shandong since ancient times. The main peak “Dayunding”, is ethereal and magnificent, like a fairyland, and is known as "Yunmen". (Photo by Zhang Xinlu)