1. General Terms

1.1 Users agree to comply with all terms of this User Agreement and complete all registration procedures as instructed on the page. Once users are agreeing to enter into a legally binding contract with sdchina.com that by clicking "Agree", users are deemed to have accepted the content of this Agreement.

1.2 After successful user registration, sdchina.com will provide each user with an account and a password. Users are responsible for keeping the account and password a secret. Users shall be solely responsible for all activities and events carried out using his/her account.

1.3 Users can use the single service of each channel of sdchina.com. When users use the single service of sdchina.com, the use behavior is regarded as his\her consent to the service terms of the single service and various announcements issued by sdchina.com in the corresponding single service.

1.4 The membership service agreement, as well as the individual service terms and announcements of each channel, can be updated by sdchina.com at any time without further notice. When using the relevant services, you should pay attention to and comply with the applicable terms.

Before using the services provided by sdchina.com, you should carefully read this User Agreement. If you do not agree to this service agreement and\or any modifications, you can cease using the services provided by sdchina.com. Once you use the services of sdchina.com, it is deemed that you have understood and fully agreed to all the terms of this User Agreement, including any modifications made to the service agreement by sdchina.com at any time, and become a user of sdchina.com.


2. Registration Information and Privacy Protection

2.1 The ownership of the account (i.e., the user ID of sdchina.com) belongs to sdchina.com, and the user can obtain the right to use after completing the registration application procedures. Users should provide timely, detailed and accurate personal data, and constantly update the registration data. All originally typed data will be referenced as registration data. If there is any problem caused by untrue registration informationsdchina.com will not be responsible for the problem  and its consequences.

2.2 Users should not transfer or lend his\her account and password to others. If users find that his\her account is illegally used by others, he\she should immediately notify sdchina.com. Sdchina.com shall not be responsible for any liability arising from hacker activities or user negligence in safeguarding his\her account and password.

2.3 Sdchina.com does not publicly disclose or provide users individual data to third parties, unless:

Obtain explicit authorization from users in advance;

Only by disclosing your personal information can we provide the products and services you requested;

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations;

In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities;

To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of sdchina.com.

Sdchina.com will collect your personal data, only when you register for an account, use other sdchina.com products or services, visit sdchina.com pages, or participate in promotions and prize games. Your personal data is to: improve the services and content provided to you.


3. Users Compliance

3.1 Users using this service must abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. The users should agree that he\she will not use this service for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following acts:

  • Uploading, displaying, posting, transmitting, or otherwise transmitting information that contains any of the following content:

1) Opposing the basic principles established by the Constitution; 2) Undermining national security, leaking state secrets, subverting the state power, and undermining national unity; 3) Harming national honor and interests; 4) Inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity; 5) Undermining the state's religious policies, promoting cults and feudal superstitions; 6) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and undermining social stability; 7) Spreading obscene, pornographic, gambling, violent, murderous, terrorist, or instigating criminal content; 8) Insulting or defaming others, infringing the legal rights and interests of others; 9) Containing false, harmful, coercive, infringing upon others' privacy, harassing, infringing, slandering, vulgar, obscene, or other morally offensive content; 10) Containing other content that is restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, or any other normative documents with legal effect.

  • Do not use the network service system for any illegal purpose.
  • Do not use sdchina.com to engage in the following activities:

Entering the computer information network or using computer information network resources without permission;

Deleting, modifying or adding the functions of computer information network without permission;

Deleting, modifying or adding data and application programs stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information network without permission;

Deliberately making or spreading destructive programs such as computer viruses;

Other behaviors that undermine the security of computer information network.

3.2 You agree to indemnify sdchina.com and its affiliated companies and partners, and protect them from any claims, demands, losses or reasonable attorney fees made by any third party resulting from or arising out of the users violation of this agreement or related service terms. Sdchina.com reserves the right to take measures, including but not limited to deleting user-posted content, suspending usage permissions, terminating services, restricting usage, reclaiming accounts, and pursuing legal responsibilities, based on the user's actions. Sdchina.com has the right to reclaim accounts of those who maliciously register sdchina.com accounts or engage in illegal activities, disrupt, harass, deceive, or violate this agreement. At the same time, Sdchina.com will assist in investigations as required by the judicial authorities.

3.3 Users are not allowed to copy, reproduce, sell, resell, or use any part of this service or the additional service for any other commercial purposes.

3.4 Users shall bear legal responsibilities for their actions in the process of using sdchina.com. The forms of legal responsibilities that users shall bear include but are not limited to: compensating the injured party, and after sdchina.com has first borne the administrative penalties or infringement compensation liabilities caused by the users actions, users shall provide sdchina.com with equal compensation.


4. Scope of Service

        4.1 Specific scope of services provided by sdchina.com are subject to those displayed and actually offered on this website.

4.2 Unless otherwise expressly stipulated in this Service Agreement, the new products, new functions and new services launched by sdchina.com are regulated by this agreement.

4.3 In order to use this service, you must be able to access the Internet by yourself through a third party legally qualified to provide you with Internet access services, and you should pay for the relevant services at your own expense. In addition, you must be equipped and responsible for all necessary equipment for connecting with the international network, including computers, modems or other access devices.

4.4 In view of the particularity of online services, users agree that sdchina.com has the right to change, interrupt, or terminate part or all of the online services (including paid online services) at any time without prior notice. Sdchina.com does not guarantee that the online services will not be interrupted, and does not guarantee the timeliness, security, and accuracy of the online services.

4.5 Sdchina.com needs to regularly or irregularly inspect and repair the platforms or related equipment that provide network services. If the network services (including paid network services) are interrupted for a reasonable period of time due to above circumstances, sdchina.com shall not be held responsible. Sdchina.com reserves the right to suspend any part of this service for maintenance, upgrades, or other purposes without prior notice.

4.6 This service or a third party may provide links to other websites or resources on the international internet. As sdchina.com cannot control these websites and resources, you understand and agree that sdchina.com is not responsible for whether such websites or resources are available for use. Whats more, sdchina.com is not responsible for any content, advertisements, products, or other materials that exist or originate from such websites or resources. Sdchina.com shall not be liable for any damages or losses arising from the use or reliance on any content, products, or services published or obtained through such websites or resources.

4.7 The users expressly agree that any risks associated with his\her use of this websites services will be entirely borne by themselves. The users understand and accept that any information or materials downloaded or obtained through sdchina.com are dependent on the users and should take the responsibilities of risks of system damage, data loss, and any other risks. Sdchina.com does not guarantee any goods shopping, transaction, or recruitment information obtained through this website.

4.8 Sdchina.com reserves the right to close accounts that have not been logged in for 6 months.

4.9 Sdchina.com reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or terminate this service (or any part thereof) at any time. Sdchina.com shall not be liable to users or any third party with or without notice.

4.10 Termination

You agree that sdchina.com may terminate your password, account, or use of this service (or any part thereof) for any reason, including but not limited to long periods of inactivity or sdchina.com believes that you have violated the terms and spirit of this Service Agreement, and may remove and delete any content you have within this service. You agree that sdchina.com may interrupt or terminate this service provided under any provision of this Service Agreement without prior notice. You agree that sdchina.com may immediately close or delete your account and all related information and files in your account, and/or prohibit the continued use of the aforementioned files or this service. In addition, you agree that sdchina.com shall not be liable to you or any third party if the use of this service is interrupted or terminated, or if your account and related information and files are closed or deleted.


5. Intellectual property rights and other legal interests (including but not limited to rights of reputation and goodwill)

 5.1 User Exclusive Rights

Sdchina.com respects the intellectual property rights and legitimate interests of others, and calls on the users to also respect intellectual property rights and the legitimate interests of others. If your intellectual property rights or other legitimate interests have been infringed, please provide the following information to sdchina.com according to the following instructions:

Please note: If the statements in the notice of rights are false, the submitter of the notice will bear all legal responsibilities (including but not limited to compensating for various expenses and attorney fees) caused by this. If you are unsure whether the information available on the internet infringes upon the intellectual property rights and other legal interests, sdchina.com suggests that you consult with professionals first.

In order for sdchina.com to effectively handle the above-mentioned the notice, please use the following format (including the serial number of each clause):

1. The ownership certificate that the obligee has intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests in the suspected infringing content and/or can exercise intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests according to law;

2. Please provide a detailed and specific description of the situation that your intellectual property rights or other legal rights have been infringed, and please provide the website of the suspected infringing third party (if applicable).

3. Please indicate which contents of the website violate the rights listed in item 2

4. Please provide the specific contact information of the obligee, including name, identification card or passport (for natural person), copy of unit registration certificate (for unit), mailing address, telephone number, fax and email.

5. Please provide the location of the suspected infringing content on the website(for example, indicate the source of the infringing content, that is, the address of the webpage or the location within the webpage) so that we can contact the owner/manager of the webpage which contains infringing content.

6. Please include the following statement about the authenticity of the content in the notice of rights: "I guarantee that the information described in this notice is full, true and accurate, and if the contents of this notice are not completely true, I will bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom. "

7. Please sign this document, and if you are an institution or organization established according to law, please affix your official seal.

Please send the above information and contact information in writing to the following address:

No. 18567, Jingshi Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China (sdchina.com)

Complaint Group of sdchina.com

Postal Code: 250014

5.2 The users agree that sdchina.com has free, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully sublicense rights and licenses worldwide to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, disseminate, perform and display such content (in whole or in part), and/or incorporate such content into any other work, media or technology currently known or later developed, for uploading to the publicly accessible area on the sdchina.com through the services of the website (including but not limited to space, community, question and answer, dig, blog, podcast, ranking list, etc.).

5.3 Sdchina.com owns the copyright of all materials on this website. Any authorized materials which can be browsed, copied, printed, and spread within this website must comply with the following conditions:

All information and images are provided for informational purposes;

All information and images may not be used for commercial purposes;

All materials, images, and any parts must include this copyright statement;

The intellectual property of all products, technologies, and programs on this website (www.sdchina.com) belong to sdchina.com and have not been authorized.

"sdchina", "中国山东网" and related graphics are registered trademarks of sdchina.com.

Without the permission of sdchina.com, no one can use it without authorization (including but not limited to: copying, spreading, displaying, mirroring, uploading, downloading in an illegal manner). Otherwise, sdchina.com will pursue legal responsibilities according to the law.


6. Special Tips for Teenage Users

Teenage users must abide by National Internet Civilization Convention for Teenagers:

Be good at online learning, do not browse harmful information; be honest and friendly in communication, do not insult or deceive others; enhance self-protection awareness, do not casually meet online friends; maintain network security, do not disrupt network order; promote physical and mental health, do not indulge in vi rtual network space.


7. Others

7.1 The formation, performance, interpretation, and resolution of disputes of this User Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

7.2 In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the content or performance of this agreement, the parties shall attempt to resolve it through friendly negotiations. If the negotiations fail, either party may initiate legal proceeding to the People's Court in the jurisdiction where sdchina.com is located.

7.3 Sdchina.com does not exercise or enforce any rights or provisions of this User Agreement, which does not constitute a waiver of such rights or provisions.

7.4 If any provision of this User Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall still be valid and binding.

Please notify sdchina.com if you find any violations of this User Agreement or any other individual terms of the service, as well as any announcements from sdchina.com. You can contact sdchina.com through the following address:

No. 18567, Jingshi Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China (sdchina.com)

Complaint Group of sdchina.com

Postal Code: 250014