Launched in 1996 and sponsored by Openings Magazine Agency, Sdchina ( is the key news website of Shandong province approved by the Information Office of the State Council of China. It is under the supervision of the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government.

Sdchina is oriented to the goal of “Top Portal of Foreign Publicity in Shandong,” takes the “Top Website of Online Shandong” as the service idea, and is dedicating to establishing a professional and authoritative network media for the network users.

With a view to satisfying the users’ personalized, diversified and localized information demands, Sdchina provides the timely, superior and all-around information service for the users.

Through more than 10 years of development and improvement, counting on the authoritative, timely, service-oriented and interactive advantages, Sdchina has established a foreign publicity information platform covering five languages—Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Russian, which can make a display of Shandong in full swing. As a result, the development pattern featuring in “large network, large foreign publicity and large platform” has come into being, which is making better publicity of Shandong and rendering service to people’s livelihood. So far Sdchina has become the most influential portal website involved in foreign publicity in Shandong.