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Countdown to 2023 Yellow River Estuary (Dongying) Marathon

2023/9/25 13:48:26

On the morning of September 23rd, the China Wanda - 2023 Yellow River Estuary (Dongying) Marathon countdown and the launch of the Dongying City “Rural Revitalization Qilu Model - Every Village Has a Good Show” Rural Sports Event took place in Longju Town, Dongying.

The Yellow River Estuary (Dongying) Marathon is a stunning representation of the Dongying's urban image. Since its inception in 2008, this event has been held for 13 consecutive years. It has been recognized as a "Gold-labeled Event" by the World Athletics for 5 years and as a "Gold Medal Event" among Chinese marathons for 9 years. Runners have consistently praised this marathon, making it a beautiful business card for Dongying City. At present, everything is going smoothly. The countdown ceremony today signifies that the event preparations have entered the final sprint stage.

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