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Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs popularizes marine knowledge among students

2023/6/6 17:29:44

In order to promote the development of the thematic education, Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs insists on the civilized practice service activities as an important content of serving the people in the thematic education. Recently, volunteers from the second branch of the Marine and Fishery Law Enforcement and Supervision Bureau of Shandong Province brought a lively and interesting marine knowledge class to the children of Rongcheng Shidaowan Primary School, Rongcheng Century Primary School, Rongcheng Mingjiang Kindergarten.

At the activity site, volunteers explained the social benefits brought by "releasing fish to conserve water" and "summer fishing ban", as well as the positive practices made by marine and fishery law enforcement departments in protecting marine and fishery resources.

This activity further enhanced the children’s awareness of caring for the ocean, loving the ocean, and protecting marine and fishery resources, and called on the children to start from the small things around them, so as to grow into a small guardian of caring for the marine environment and protecting fishery resources.

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