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International students visit Dongying to experience Yellow River culture

2023/6/8 8:53:24

From May 31 to June 2, 12 international students from Qingdao University went to Dongying to experience the Yellow River culture.

The three-day trip for international students is rich and distinctive. On the cruise boat on the Guangli River, they enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Dongying on both sides of the river and learned about the wetland culture. At the demonstration comprehensive practice base of young people in Dongying City, they learned the art of sand painting, art of seal cutting and traditional shadow puppets making to have a deep understanding of the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture. Students recorded what they see and hear by photos and videos, and posts the beautiful culture and enchanting culture of Dongying on overseas social media platforms.

Mollie, an international student from Uzbekistan, said she had no regrets about the trip, because the beauty of Dongying shocked her a lot. It was the first time she had seen a bird taller than her, and the first time she had eaten Dongying food, which left a deep impression on her.

This activity is reported as the continuation of the Yellow River Culture Forum, aiming to continuously promote the transmission of Yellow River culture and tell the story of the Yellow River in Donying.

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