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Young writer reborn by donating organs as written in his own novel

2023/5/23 9:44:24   source:Global Times

Four people were "reborn" and two recovered their eyesight on Saturday at the Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region thanks to an organ donor, the late Hou Chunhui.

Hou died of a stroke at the age of 35 earlier in May. Both kidneys, his liver - which was divided into two halves and transplanted into two patients suffering from liver failure - and both corneas were donated by his family.

Hou was a novelist who had written a series of novels about an editor's "rebirth" in 2012 after dying of illness. However, in April this year, Hou was hospitalized and later suffered brain death. On May 11, his last birthday, his parents and wife made a decision to donate his organs after he had lost his consciousness. On Saturday, after Hou's body was removed from the ICU, doctors and nurses as well as his family and friends paid their respects and bid farewell to him.

Hou was born in 1988 in Harbin, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. He came to Beijing to work as an assistant scriptwriter and novelist, after which he published some novels on the Qidian website. During this time, he visited some orphanages and nursing homes as well as families who had lost their only child. Having witnessed many human hardships, he nurtured an open mind toward life.

In 2019, Hou married Tan and later had a son who is now 3 years old. His parents had suffered strokes before and he suffered from high-blood pressure, diabetes and hyperlipemia in his 30s. He had also suffered from arthritis of the spine owing to the long amount of time he spent sitting and writing.

In 2020, Hou suffered a stroke incited by his arthritis. After treatment, he recovered some, but later was hospitalized for partial paralysis. In 2022, he went to Guangxi to join his wife, who had started up her own business in her hometown. On April 3, Hou was hit by another brief stroke, which left him in a coma in the hospital. At last, he was announced brain dead.

His mother signed the registration form to donate her son's organs, hoping his death could be more meaningful.

"His life was too short. We all hope it can be continued," his wife said.

"The completeness of a person does not only lie in his organs, but his inner world. In this sense, my husband left this world his complete self. "

Since Hou had not finished his latest novel, his wife has decided to finish it with the two of them as the hero and heroine.

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