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Cities across Northern China issue first high-temperature alert

2023/5/16 9:24:51   source:Global Times

According to reports from Weather China on Monday, many localities across Northern China have issued the first high-temperature orange warning this year. Experts warned that drought in the north and flooding in the south may become more frequent, noting that after a brief period of high temperatures, there may also be cold air activity, and that overall temperatures remain unstable.

The Shandong Meteorological Bureau issued an orange warning on Monday, stating that affected by the warm high pressure; the highest temperature in most areas of Jinan, capital of Shandong province, is expected to rise to more than 37C on Monday. The highest temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday is forecast to reach 36C.

In some parts of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, central and northern Shandong, and central and northern Henan, the highest temperature will reach or exceed 35C, with some areas set to exceed 37C.

Experts told the Global Times that since the La Ni?a phenomenon, a complex weather pattern that occurs every few years, as a result of variations in ocean temperatures in the equatorial band of the Pacific Ocean that lasted for three years, ended this spring, the El Ni?o phenomenon is likely to follow closely. Therefore, global sea surface temperatures will be affected, leading to higher temperatures. However, after a brief period of high temperatures, there may also be a return of cold air.

In addition, Ma Jun, founder of the Blue Map app and director of the Beijing-based Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, has publicly stated that the phenomenon of drought in northern China and flooding in the south may become an entrenched part of China's climate into the future.

Besides, experts say the impact is not only on China, but also on other countries in the Pacific region and in Asia. According to CNN, the capital cities of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand have all hit record temperatures in May, with Vietnam hitting a record high of 44.2C.

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