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Expats dazzled by Chinese hanfu in Heze, Shandong

2023/4/3 14:46:00

Chinese hanfu culture has become more and more popular among young people in the past few years. It has gradually become a fashion trend and popular abroad. Cao County in Heze, China’s Shandong province, is rising vigorously as the largest hanfu production base in the country.

The hanfu of Cao County is well-known throughout the country. Recently, six expats from the United States of America, Tanzania, Sudan, Bangladesh and Cote d’Ivoire visited the bazaar of “China Taobao Town” in Cao County to enjoy the charm of hanfu culture.

The expats watched the promotional video of hanfu culture of Cao County and visited the workshop of hanfu. They were amazed by the complexity and preciseness of hanfu production when they learned about the whole processes of hanfu production.

“I saw a pair of bride and groom wearing this kind clothes in their wedding photos. They are so beautiful! My friends told me they’re hanfu, the traditional style of clothing worn by the Han Chinese. I really want to wear it,” said Tafaul Awad Mohamed from Sudan. The expats were attracted by the gorgeous hanfu at first sight. In the bazaar of Cao County, they can’t wait to try on all kinds of exquisite hanfu.

It was like a fashion show for them. The exquisitely embroidered hanfu dazzled the expats. When they put on their favorite hanfu, a well-integrated Chinese and western charm is shown.

“When we wear hanfu, we can't help behavioring in a gentle manner,” said two expats from Sudan.

The activity provides the expats with a great opportunity to explore the profound hanfu culture and bring it to the world.

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