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Expats explore the charm of TCM culture in Dongying

2023/3/22 17:11:24

To celebrate the 94th Traditional Chinese Medicine Day, an experience activity was held in the Economic Development Zone of Dongying. Expats from Belgium, Belarus and Ghana were invited to learn Chinese medicine knowledge and experience traditional Chinese therapies such as moxibustion, cupping, and massage in an immersive way.

"Atractylodes, sinensis, agilawood, sandalwood... We can identify Chinese herbs through watching, touching, smelling and tasting.”In the TCM pharmacy, expats were curious about the various kinds of Chinese medicinal materials. They were stunned when they realized that different Chinese medicinal materials had different functions. Under the guidance of TCM doctors, they also learned to weigh and pound drugs in traditional ways, and make anti-epidemic sachets by themselves to feel the charm of traditional Chinese medicine.

Oduro Isaac had deep feelings with Chinese medicine. He shared his stories with the TCM. Ten years ago, Oduro Isaac received TCM treatment when he injured his right knee. “It is the acupuncture that saved my knee. ”

“This is the first time I tried Ba Guan, and I found that it’s really really nice. ”said Anthonin Louis van impe. Cupping therapy is an ancient external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine with a history of more than 2,400 years. Anthonin Louis van impe, who had never been exposed to traditional Chinese medicine, was deeply impressed by this experience.

“Hey, it’s getting warmer. I’ve heard about Chinese medicine, but I didn’t know it is so like a magic.”said Yulchuk Yuliya. She felt lucky to experience the moxibustion by herself.

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