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Expats’ encounter with Shuihu wine in Heze

2023/3/2 14:17:32

International students of the “Friendly Shandong, Remarkable Shandong ‘I Love You’” activity visited Shuihu Distillery in Yuncheng county, Heze city and had a close look at the profound Chinese wine-making culture.


In the exhibition center of the factory, the international students were dazzled by the fine wine bottles and rich cellaring wines. In the factory’s cultural corridor, they experienced the thousand-year long wine culture amid the aroma of wine.

In Shuihu Wine Culture Experience Hall, staff members introduced the knowledge of Chinese baijiu to international students. The students got a chance to have a sip of the newly-brewed wine. 

“Today, I watched the whole brewing process of Shuihu wine. This is the first time for me to see this together with my friends. ” said Samuel, from the US.

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