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Shinan District gets ready for the 2023 Shandong Conference on Tourism Development

2023/2/28 15:29:29

On February 27, Shinan District held a mobilization meeting on the 2023 Shandong Conference on Tourism Development, aiming to contribute Shinan’s strength to the success of the conference.

The counting down has begun for the conference. As the main battlefield of the conference, Shinan undertook a glorious mission and heavy responsibility. The district will go all out and hold it at the highest level to showcase the unique charm of the district.

The Shandong Conference on Tourism Development is the highest-level and largest-scale cultural and tourism-themed event in the province, also the first provincial tourism development conference announced in China. It’s not only among the first batch of major gatherings in Qingdao after the optimized COVID-19 policies, but also an important opportunity to comprehensively present the image of Shinan District and enhance its reputation.

At the mobilization meeting, five departments of Shinan District made their speeches on holding the provincial tourism development conference to discuss measures on improving the quality of tourism and promoting the environment quality, industrial vitality and tourism consumption to a new level.

"Taking the opportunity of the provincial tourism development conference to implement the three-year tackling of tourism quality improvement" was written into the 2023 Shinan District Government Work Report.

Shinan District closely combines the improvement of tourism quality with building a model city of national civilization, focuses precisely on improving the functional quality of the urban area, and continues to make efforts to improve the quality of the tourism environment in the shortest possible time to create a pleasing visual space.

At the mobilization meeting, improving the city appearance and rectifying the market environment market were included on the list of the key tasks.

To seize the opportunity of the conference, promote the integration of culture and tourism in a wider range, at a deeper and higher level, stimulate new drivers and form new advantages, Shinan is ready to make due contributions to a wonderful event of high quality.

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