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Shandong to build 10 more model counties for integrated development of transport and EMS

2023/2/15 17:28:47

According to a notice issued recently, Shandong plans to promote the construction of the third batch of demonstration projects for the integrated development of “urban and rural passenger transport + rural logistics + express mail service", and allocate 500 million yuan to substitute subsidies with rewards.

Shandong will build 10 new model counties for the integrated development of passenger transport, freight and EMS, promote the sharing of existing network and transport resources such as passenger transport, express mail service in urban and rural areas, and improve the level of equal express services in urban and rural areas.

The construction work has been carried out for three consecutive years, and has generated outstanding demonstration effect, which has effectively promoted the construction of the province’s rural delivery logistics system. A total of 24 provincial-level model counties have been established, with supporting financial funds of 22 million yuan. The "Lekuai" project in Dezhou was selected as a typical case of the integrated development of passenger transport, freight and EMS by the Ministry of Transport.

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