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Expats do Spring Festival shopping at Yellow River Bazaar in Dongying

2023/1/19 10:53:09

On January 17, international friends from Canada and the Philippines, at the invitation of Dongying’s Publicity Department, visited Xindian Bazaar and the Yellow River Culture Museum to soak up the Spring Festival atmosphere and feel the characteristic charm of the Yellow River.

Red spring couplets, a wide variety of snacks, Shikou Roast Chicken, Longju Meatball... Dazzling goods at Xindian Bazaar bring festive cheer to the city. “This deep-fried chicken and flaky pastry are very delicious. I want to send some to my parents,” said Li Qingzhao (Marites Felipe Castro) from the Philippines. 

In the folk performance area, the short-tassel flower drum performance attracted the attention of the foreign friends. 

Hanging the drum on their waists, they learned from the artists and immersed themselves in the charm of intangible cultural heritage of Dongying. "This is really interesting," said Li Bai (Sheehan Gillis), from Canada, as he played the drums. "I have played a lot of drums, and it is really the first time to play the drums with short tassels. It is very fresh."


After visiting the Xindian Bazaar, they visited the Yellow River Culture Museum, watched the short film of "The Formation of the Yellow River", and visited the reliefs of large river basins of the "four ancient civilizations". "The event is a rare opportunity for me," Li said. "I got a new understanding of Dongying’s culture. The Yellow River, flowing into the sea in Dongying, gives the city broader prospects for development."


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