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Hi, Confucius| Make a pilgrimage with int’l online influencers in Nishan Sacredland

2022/11/20 13:11:57

On Nov. 19, the “Hi, Confucius” International Online Influencers’ Study Tour visited Nishan Sacredland to feel the unique charm of Jining, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius and City of the Grand Canal.

Confucius was named Zhong Ni because of Mount Ni. Therefore, Mount Ni has become one of the important symbols of the source of Chiese culture. Upon entering the Nishan Scenic Spot, foreign friends were impressed by the 72-meter-high statue of Confucius. Under the guidance of the docent, they used the ancient Chinese etiquette to pay homage to Confucius under his statue.

The Lecture Hall embodies the architecural culture of China for thousands of years and the quitessence of ancient building craft, a collection of Chinese traditional arts and handicrafts, all of which highlight the continuous and timeless culture and wisdom of Chinese civilization. Foreign friends wore Hanfu and immersed themselves in the light show and finished their own handwritten "Analects of Confucius" works.

I know that Nishan is the place where Confucius was born. Today we are here to copy and write the Analects of Confucius by hand. It’s so unique. I like the atmosphere here,” said Yin Runmin from Myanmar. “I used to wear Hanfu to take photos during tradtional Chinese festivals. Today’s Hanfu is different from the Hanfu I already have. I feel like I have stepped into ancient times and become a student of Confucius, which is a great experience.”

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