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Hi, Confucius| A memorial tour for Confucius’ most proud protégé in Qufu, China’s Shandong

2022/11/19 12:23:32

The “Hi, Confucius” International Online Influencers’ Study Tour in Nishan kicked off on Friday in Qufu of Jining City, China’s Shandong province. Young people from Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other countries, together with their Chinese counterparts, made a study tour to explore the footprints of Confucius in his hometown and promote understanding of profound Confucian culture.

In the Mansion and Temple of Yan Hui, those youth people experienced such traditional Chinese skills as rubbings, seal cutting, archery and bow and arrow making amid joy and laughter. Each skill is branded with the mark of history and shines with wisdom of our ancestors. “I’m very excited. In the future, I hope to come here again to learn archery,” Yun Hui from Tajikistan shared his feelings. The way he aimed the bull’s eye with his bow was like a good archer. Taking photos, recording videos, broadcasting live…They shared what they saw and heard to their families and friends during the event.

“I learned a little bit about the seal cutting today. What impressed me the most was how to use the left and right hand coordinately to carve characters. The traditional skills have aroused my interest and made me deeply feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture,” said Xu Pandi, a Chinese online influencer.

A cloud study tour was also made via live connection with international Internet celebrities on different social media, to share the wisdom of Confucius with the world.

Ventana de CL, who participated in the live link, shared Kong Family Cuisine with her fans in a Facebook live broadcast. “Chinese traditional culture is so profound,” she said after the live broadcast. “The live broadcast was an unforgettable experience for me. I can’t wait to share it with my friends and family!”

The event was co-sponsored by Shandong Provincial Internet Information Office and China Radio International (CRI) Online; organized by Jining Municipal Internet Information Office, CRI Online Shandong Station and Sdchina News; co-organized by Qufu Municipal Internet Information Office and supported by China Internet Development Foundation. The event will further promote the fine Chinese traditional culture represented by the Confucian culture to the international community, and boost exchanges and mutual learning between the Chinese civilization and other civilizations in the world.

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