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Heze Luxi New Area: "Tiangong Class" enlightens the scientific dream

2022/10/23 18:46:40

On October 12, the third lesson of "Tiangong class" was delivered on the China space station. Chen Dong, Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe, Shenzhou XIV taikonauts, gave space lessons to young people. Teachers and students from all schools in the Luxi New Area of Heze watched the live broadcast together to appreciate the mysteries and wonders of the universe.

In the class, three astronauts introduced and displayed the working and living scenes of the China Space Station Sky Quest Experiment Module on orbit, demonstrated the capillary effect experiment in microgravity environment, space drinking water and other magical phenomena, vividly explained the scientific principles behind the experiment, and interacted with the ground class, which not only disseminated and popularized the knowledge of manned space flights, but also stimulated the interest of the young people in science.

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