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Walking 10,000 steps daily can halve risk of dementia – new study

2022/10/18 15:21:06   source:CGTN

People can reduce their chances of suffering dementia by 50 percent if they walk 10,000 steps a day, according to a new study which also found that speed is even more important than steps taken.

Taking regular exercise is clearly known for its all-round health benefits, both physically and mentally, but now for the first time a precise figure has been put on how many steps a person needs to take each day to have maximum benefit.

There were 78,500 adults (aged 40 to 79), wearing trackers, who took part in the study – making it the largest experiment looking into the relationship between steps and health benefits.

Participants wore a wrist accelerometer to measure physical activity for at least three days over a period of seven days, to see the results after seven years.

Researchers from the universities of Sydney and Southern Denmark found that there was a lowered risk of dementia, heart disease, cancer and death from walking 10,000 steps daily.

But also taking faster steps were more important than taking 10,000 of them.

"The take-home message here is that for protective health benefits people could not only ideally aim for 10,000 steps a day but also aim to walk faster," said co-lead author Matthew Ahmadi, research fellow at the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre and Faculty of Medicine and Health.

If people walked 9,800 steps then they would lower their risk of getting dementia by 50 percent while taking as few as 3,800 reduced the chances by 25 percent.

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