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36th Mount Tai Climbing Festival kicks off in Tai’an

2022/9/6 16:23:27

The 36th Mount Tai Climbing Festival and the 27th National Fitness Mount Tai Hiking Activity kicked off on September 6 in Tai’an, E China’s Shandong province, attracting 1,500 participants.

Same as last year, this year's competition consists of men's team and women's team, with both the starting point setting up at Houzaimen of Dai Temple. The finish of the men's team is at Nantianmen, which is about 8.1 kilometers long. The women's team will finish at Zhongtianmen, with a distance of about 5.4 kilometers. After a fierce competition, Zhao Yanli won the women's competition in 39 minutes and 13.10 seconds, while Chen Xinyu won the men's race in 56 minutes and 2 seconds.

To better meet the demands of local mountaineering enthusiasts, this year, the competition loosens restriction on age, from 45 last year to 50, while the minimum age remains 18.

In addition, an online competition, namely the 27th National Fitness Mount Tai Hiking Online Competition is held from September 6 to 11. The online competition includes two groups: professional group of 8.9km and fitness group of 5.5km. Mountaineers from all over the country who complete the prescribed mileage at one time will be regarded as completing the race, and will receive an e-certificate of achievement and an e-commemorative medal.

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