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GenZ | Post-95s “Peach Selling Village Official” Finds a Way to Wealth by Updating Weibo

2022/9/1 13:27:00

In July 2018, college graduate Zhu Jiabao came to Xinglong Village, Xinglong Town, Jinxiang County as a village official. Since taking office, he has applied his knowledge to practice with a fighting spirit, set up a Weibo account to help villagers sell winter peaches, expanded their marketing channel, and found a way to wealth for peach growers. In 2019, the Weibo account “Qilu Youth Matrix” was established under his organization. The model of “Finding a Way to Wealth via Weibo” has taken root in Jining, and attracted more selected graduates to use Weibo and other online media platforms to promote “One Village with One Product”, thereby expanding the village collective economy and boosting rural revitalization.

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