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GloriousDecade | Shandong witnesses robust growth over the past decade

2022/8/22 16:52:23

The press conference themed“Glorious decade of China · Shandong”was held on the afternoon of August 20 in Jinan, capital of China’s Shandong province. Li Ganjie, secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee introduced the relevant information and answered questions from journalists. Zhou Naixiang, deputy secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and governor of Shandong Province answered questions from journalists.

Over the past decade, Shandong has solved numerous problems that have hampered its development, overcome many unprecedented difficulties and challenges, and accomplished a large number of major and important tasks that concern the overall situation and in the long term, which has created a strong potential energy for building a strong modern socialist province in the new era.

Li Ganjie introduced the achievements of Shandong province from seven aspects. Over the past ten years, the province’s economy has made successful transformation and high-quality development has gained momentum. Breakthroughs are being made in replacing old growth drivers with new ones. The regional GDP of Shandong province increased to 8.3 trillion yuan in 2021.

In the past decade, regions have become more coordinated and urban and rural areas have both made dramatic changes. Committed to the path of integrated development urban and rural areas, Shandong province has actively built a pattern of coordinated regional development with local characteristics.

The wellbeing of the people has been improved significantly and their living standards have reached a new level. To fully implement the people-centered development, Shandong province has earnestly ensured and improved people's wellbeing, increased the per capita disposable income of all people by an annual average of 8.5 percent, and won the battle against poverty as scheduled.

Solid progress has been made in cultural creative transformation and innovative development, and cultural confidence has been fully demonstrated. The province has always adhered to and developed the advanced socialist culture, fully explored the profound deposits of Confucian culture, and vigorously carried forward the Yimeng spirit. The province’s soft power of culture continues to improve and cultural brands such as "Friendly Shandong””Remarkable Shandong" are polished.

Shandong’s ecological environment has been improved significantly in the past ten years. It has made unprecedented efforts to promote environmental protection and ecological improvement. A beautiful picture of harmonious coexistence between man and nature is unfolding on the land of Qilu.

Reform has been deepened, and the driving force for development continued to grow. Shandong has accelerated institutional innovation and process reengineering, and made every effort to build a highland of opening-up. The overall business environment of Shandong province is among the top in China, and reform and opening up have been expanded in breadth and depth.

Over the past ten years, the Party building of Shandong province has been comprehensively strengthened, and the political environment has become clearer and more positive.

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