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Measures on Improving Talent Work in Zibo in the New Era

2022/8/22 13:48:29

In order to fully implement the spirit of relevant documents of the Central and Provincial Party Committees on talent work improvement in the new era, further promote the high-quality development of talent work in Zibo, and provide talent and intellectual support for the building of a strong socialist modern city in the new era, the following measures are formulated combining with the actual conditions of Zibo.

I. Accelerate the Building of a High-quality Talent Team

1.“One Case One Discussion” Talent Attraction Plan. Focusing on the development needs of the four strength industries and the new economy, the introduction of top entrepreneurial talents and teams will be given priority. Equity investment support of up to 50 million yuan will be provided to projects brought by the talents, and a salary subsidy at 10% - 20% of their personal salaries (up to 1 million yuan) will be rewarded to the core leading team members. For the top talents and teams that are in line with the city’s major development strategies, solve the key bottleneck technology difficulties and have significant driving effects, the tailor-made “One Case One Discussion” policy will be applied to them with no ceiling.

2.Top-notch Talents Breakthrough Program.For newly cultivated and full-time newly introducedtop innovative talents, who lead core team to conduct industrial production in Zibo will get financial support of 10 million yuan as long as confirmed. Among the financial support, 5 million yuan will go to individuals as living subsidies and another 5 million yuan will go to the employers as special support for talent projects. The above funds will be distributed annually within three years according to the respective proportion of 20%, 30% and 50%. For confirmed flexibly introduced top-notch talents, living subsidies equaled 30% of their labor remunerations will be given every year, with the cumulative total amount not exceeding 2 million yuan.

3.High-end Talents Leadership Program.Among talents full-time introduced or selected by the independent application, one-time support of up to 3 million yuan will be given to national leading talents, and 1 million yuan to provincial leading talents. The above funds are one-time support, of which 40% is talent allowance and 60% is scientific research and project subsidy. With regard to flexibly introduced talents of national and provincial leading talents, as long as confirmed, annual living subsidies equaled 30% of their labor remuneration will be given, with the accumulated maximum of 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan respectively.

4. Industrial Leading Talents Cultivation Program. Focusing on the four strength industries and the new economy, a new round of “Zibo Talent Plan” is implemented, through which about 20 scientific and technological innovation talents are selected every year, with the proportion of local talents not less than 30%. Special funds for talent introduction activities are set up. 2-3 specialized talent introduction activities are organized every year to meet the needs for different industries and fields.

5.Enterprise Management Talents Promotion Program. According to the Outline of the Ten-Year Training Plan for Entrepreneurs in Zibo (2016-2025), targeted training in domestic and overseas universities will be arranged for enterprises’ responsible persons according to different levels and industries. Encourage enterprises to independently train and hire outstanding professional managers and management talents. For full-time introduced outstanding managerial talents from the Fortune 500 enterprises, China’s top 500 enterprises,China’s top 500 private enterprises and Shanghai, Shenzhen and overseas listed companies, one-time subsidies equaled 10% of their annual salary (maximum 300,000 yuan) will be provided based on their working years and business growth.

6.Entrepreneurial Talent Selection Program. For top, high-end and high-level talents from outside Zibo to start business in Zibo, the subsidies of 5 million yuan, 3 million yuan and 1 million yuan will be provided respectively to launch new projects. Integrate the existing municipal entrepreneurial talent teams and funds to set up the Zibo entrepreneurial competition. Through the annual competition with different tracks, about 10 entrepreneurial enterprises and 10 entrepreneurial projects initiated by high-level scientific and technological talents, about 15 entrepreneurial enterprises and 5 entrepreneurial projects initiated by returned overseas talents, and about 30 entrepreneurial enterprises and 10 entrepreneurial projects initiated by college students will be selected. Financial support of up to 1.2 million yuan, 300,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan are provided to the selected entrepreneurial enterprises respectively, and the selected entrepreneurial projects will be followed up and cultivated. If the projects are implemented in our city within one year, the support will be given according to the standards of entrepreneurial enterprises. Talents and teams entering the finals of each track will be given financial support of 30,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan respectively. Financial support will be given to entrepreneurial enterprises and projects with high growth and great development potential by the Municipal Talent Development Fund.7

7.Youth Elite Cultivation Program. In the municipal key science and technology projects, a young scientific and technological talent (aged under 40) are identified as the second host. Every two years, select about 50 full-time working young talents (aged under 40) with master's degree or above or with vice senior title or above who are engaged in scientific and technological R & D in Zibo. An annual scientific research subsidy of 30,000 yuan for 5 consecutive years and the title of Zibo Outstanding Young Scientific and Technological Talents will be given to each of the selected. Further cooperate with renowned institutions and universities, attract and cultivate young famous physicians and professors. Every year, select 5 full-time working young (aged under 40) professionals who have great influence or gain outstanding original achievements in fields of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research. An annual living subsidy of 50,000 yuan will be given to each of the selected for 5 consecutive years.

8. Industrial Star Reserve Plan. Select a group of new prominent talents and management talents who can lead enterprises to grow into Unicorn Enterprises, Gazelle Enterprises, specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products and Individual Champion Enterprise. During the two-year training period, training funds of up to 150,000 yuan per person per year are given to the employer.

9.Professional and Technical Personnel Support Program. Promote the reform of hierarchical classification talent evaluation mechanism, deepen the reform of the professional titles system for teachers in institutions of higher learning, secondary vocational schools and technical colleges, and promote independent evaluation and recruitment in colleges and universities. In the evaluation of professional titles, the grass-roots professional and technical personnel can be evaluated separately. Outstanding young and middle-aged professional and technical personnel with outstanding performance can make an exceptional application for a higher professional and technical title. We will implement the plan to introduce famous teachers and doctors and give the highest 1 million yuan support to the first-class domestic and foreign talent team introduced. The highest support of 500,000 yuan will be given to the newly trained and introduced famous doctors and teachers at or above the provincial level.

10. Skilled Talents Improvement Program. For the high skilled leading talents at or above the provincial level newly introduced and newly trained by enterprises and institutions and working full-time in Zibo, support of up to 1 million yuan will be given to them. For the technicians and senior technicians newly introduced and newly trained by enterprises, subsidies will be given to them and the accumulated maximum support for each enterprise employee is 50,000 yuan each year. For graduates newly introduced to and working full-time in enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and new agricultural business entities in Zibo within five years after graduation, a monthly living allowance of 1000 yuan are given to the full-time graduates of technical colleges with the professional qualification of preparatory technicians (skill level); 500 yuan monthly living allowance are given to the full-time graduates of technical colleges with professional qualification of high-level labor (skill level); 300 yuan monthly living allowance are given to full-time graduates of technical colleges and secondary vocational schools with professional qualification of intermediate-level labor (skill level), which will be given for 5 consecutive years. For those newly identified as Technician Workstation and Skill Master Workshop (Skill Master Characteristic Workstation) at or above the municipal level, the maximum support of 300,000 yuan will be given. For the enterprises that effectively carry out the independent evaluation of skilled talents, the maximum support of 80,000 yuan will be given every year after the evaluation. Support of up to 500,000 yuan will be given to the organizers undertaking vocational skill competitions at or above the municipal level; for the excellent winners of the vocational skill competitions at or above the municipal level, the maximum reward of 500,000 yuan will be given to them.

11. International Talent Pool Program. More than 5 foreign high-end experts are selected every year to grant a financial subsidy of 300,000 yuan. Give more support to programs that attract talents. More than 10 high-end foreign expert projects and demonstration & promotion bases are selected every year to grant a financial subsidy of 100,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan respectively. Support foreign talents in innovation and entrepreneurship in Zibo. When foreign talents apply for the municipal innovation and entrepreneurship projects, they will enjoy the same policy treatment as domestic talents.

12. Implement special incentive plan for talents in ceramic and glaze fields. By referring to the standards of technician workstations, the city provides subsidies for existing master studios which have made remarkable achievements in leading the inheritance of skills, enabling people to live a prosperous life and strengthening industrial development.

Ⅱ. Motivate Young Talents to Come to and Stay at Zibo

13. Step up efforts to enrich the talent pool of master and PhD students. For full-time working PhDs newly cultivated and introduced by enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and new agricultural business entities in Zibo, monthly living subsidies of 4,000 yuan will be given to them for 5 consecutive years. The full-time PhDs newly trained or introduced by municipal public institutions will enjoy the same subsidies mentioned above, while the funds will be borne respectively by the municipal finance and the employing units on the basis of percentages. Districts and counties will support the newly trained and introduced full-time working PhDs in public institutions in accordance with the above standards. For full-time working postgraduates who are new graduates within five years and newly cultivated or introduced to enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, monthly living subsidies of 2,000 yuan will be provided for 5 consecutive years.

14. 200,000 College Graduates Program. In five years, the number of newly introduced college students in the city will exceed 200,000. For enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, and new agricultural business entities in our city, full-time college students and undergraduate students who are newly introduced and graduated within five years will receive monthly living subsidies from 500 yuan and 1,000 yuan respectively for five consecutive years. For newly employed vocational and secondary vocational graduates who have won the second prize (or above) in the National Vocational College Skills Competition or rank the top 10 in the Technical College Skill Competition, and graduates who have obtained vocational qualifications (vocational skill level) of intermediate level or above, their living subsidies will be provided in accordance with the policies for undergraduates as long as they are new graduates within five years and have a full-time job.

15.Attracting college students outside the city to visit Zibo. The electronic pass of "Zibo College Student Card" is granted to students in colleges and universities both inside and outside the city. During their time in Zibo, students can enjoy some preferential policies such as going to some chargeable tourist sites without paying the entry fee and taking the city public bus for free. For students who come from other cities, they can enjoy the preferential policy of half-price check-in at Youth Post Hotels for five days each time and four times a year during their time of engaging in activities such as internship, visiting friends and relatives. Zibo expands the scale of college students' internship and training, and gives the college students who participate in the College Students' Internship Program and training activities a daily living allowance of 50 yuan. In addition, the city makes overall arrangements of accommodation for college students whose household registration are not in Zibo, and provides 500 yuan transportation subsidy for college students outside the city.

16. Implement the "Golden Seed" Support Plan. Based on the urgent need of enterprises directly subordinate to city or below for professional talents in the future, a group of outstanding students who prefer to come to Zibo for innovation and entrepreneurship will be selected in advance from universities which are entitled to grant bachelor degree or above. The employing units will sign a "credit contract" with these students, giving them a certain tuition subsidy. Employing units are responsible for the internship of "Golden Seed" students and their living allowance during the internship. After graduation, if the student wants to work full-time in the employing units, the municipal, district or county finance will give the employing units an amount of subsidy based on 30% of the tuition fee subsidy.

17. Enterprises and universities are encouraged to jointly cultivate and retain talents. The new apprenticeship system will be implemented in an all-round way. No less than 2,000 people will be trained each year. According to the standard of up to 6,000 yuan per person per year for senior workers and 5,000 yuan per person per year for intermediate workers, training subsidies will be given to enterprises. Encourage enterprises and all kinds of colleges and universities to implement joint order-based training of skilled personnel. For those who work full-time in order-based enterprises after graduation,their order-based enterprises will be granted with training subsidies according to the standard of 10,000 yuan per person.

18. Increase reward for universities and colleges recommending and retaining talents. Set up “University Attracting Talents Award” in universities and colleges outside Zibo. Regarding key universities (outside Zibo) that have high industrial relevancy to Zibo’s industries and are effective in promoting talent cooperation and introduction, a reward of up to 500,000 yuan each year will be given to each one of them. Set up the "High Graduate Retaining Rate Award” for universities and colleges in Zibo. The average graduate retaining rate in recent two years will be taken as the base on which the goals of each and every university will be set respectively. For every increase of 2 percentage points, student employment departments in Zibo’s universities and colleges will be awarded on the basis of incremental average number: for the increase of every undergraduate and junior college student (graduates with senior worker qualification or above), postgraduate and PhD student, the department will be granted with special financial support of 1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan and 4,000 yuan respectively.

19. Encourage talents to stay in Zibo for a long time. At present, senior workers and above skilled talents, and graduates with college degree or above who have been working in enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, and new agricultural business entities in Zibo and have paid endowment insurance for more than 10 years will be granted with long-term honorary cards to stay in Zibo and enjoy preferential services in places such as some city scenic spots, cooperative hospitals and medical examination institutions.

Ⅲ. Expand Channels to Introduce Talents

20.Strengthen the support to employers. 30,000 yuan will be provided to each employer which applies for the national and provincial key talent project and enters the final evaluation process. The enterprises that independently applies for or introduce the municipal level or above key talent project candidate in a full-time way, the enterprise owner will be supported by up to 100,000 yuan . One-time financial support of 50,000 yuan will be provided to the enterprise owners who introduced more than 2 PhD students or more than 5 master students in a full-time way within one year. For enterprises which cultivate or introduce senior professional and technical personnel from outside the city as well as public institutions that introduce full-time senior professional and technical personnel from outside the city, a one-time 100,000 yuan financial support will be provided to them.

21. Stimulate the key enterprises’ vitality to introduce talents. About 5 "The Leader of Industrial Chain" enterprises or the key enterprises which introduce talents will be determined for the key industrial areas supported by the Zibo CPC Committee and Municipal Government and given 2 quotas of "Zibo Exceptional Talent Program" respectively. The validity of quotas will last for 2 years, and the enterprises independently determine the allocation of the quotas to the talents they want to support. Those who meet the requirements for application will be directly identified as candidates for Zibo Exceptional Talent Program after investigation. Candidates who apply for provincial and above level talent projects, such as Taishan series, and enter the final evaluation process, will not use the application quota of employers when they apply for municipal talent project. They will be provided with preferential support under the same conditions when applying for provincial talent project.

22. Colossal award for talent scout. The institutions and individuals (except the personnel engaged in talent management in government departments and public institutions at all levels of Zibo) that can introduce talents (or teams) above provincial level for Zibo will be rewarded a maximum of 300,000 yuan for each introduction. The institutions and individuals that recommend candidates to apply for the key talent projects above the provincial level will be rewarded a maximum of 50,000 yuan for each eligible candidates, and then will be rewarded a maximum of 250,000 yuan once if the candidates succeed in application. Take advantage of the "Talents can introduce Talents" resource, and hire 10 to 15 domestic and foreign advanced talents as the "Ambassador of Talent Introduction in Zibo". They are employed for three years at a time. The the ambassadors will be rewarded a maximum of 30,000 yuan for talent introduction every year according to the effectiveness of introducing talent.

23. Encourage kinship talent introduction. Graduates with a bachelor's degree or above who come to Zibo to work full-time in enterprises or public institutions or return to Zibo for entrepreneurship within five years after graduation will be rewarded with 10,000 Yuan if they have Zibo household registration.

24. Develop human resources service industry. The agglomeration and scale of human resource institutions need to be promoted. Human resource institutions identified as national and provincial human resource service industrial parks will be given a one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan respectively. Establish talent introduction workstations, and in accordance with the principle of consistent responsibility and rights, assess and reward the workstations according to their effectiveness assessment.

25.Open direct channels for introducing talents by organizing key brand activities. Organize a series of brand activities such as "Zibo Visit for Advanced Talents" and "Direct channels for attracting talents from well-known universities". For the talents who are excellent but in short supply and included in the docking of brand activities can be directly selected into the "Zibo Exceptional Talent Program" after evaluation if they are eligible for the requirements.

26. Introduction of retired talents. Take advantage of the resources of retirees. Subsidize the service grassroots activities carried out by retired professionals and highly skilled personnel at the municipal level in accordance with the travel subsidy standards for personnel of public institutions.

Ⅳ.The System And Mechanism of Talent Development Will Be Innovated

27. Inspire the talents from other cities to overcome the technical difficulties. For enterprises from the universities in Zibo or other cities and institutes newly selected and hired new "vice general manager of science and technology", each person is given an annual subsidy of 20,000 yuan. Every year, the city selects about 50 excellent "vice manager of science and technology", giving each person a one-time award of 30,000 yuan. Support the outstanding talents to the city's industry and enterprise key technology needs "unveil the list to hang the marshal (the need for key core technology projects out of the list, who has the ability to enlist)", depending on the effectiveness of the technology and economic development benefits, after evaluation, up to 3% of the technical fee will be granted to the list of employers after the subsidy.

28.Improve the Zibo's talent classification and evaluation system. Establish the talent classification evaluation system of Zibo oriented to innovation ability, quality, effectiveness and contribution. Adjust the high-caliber personnel classification directory of Zibo, and add a new category D and E talent classification, set standards for evaluation by relevant industries, and make talents with outstanding evaluation results enjoy relevant service.

29.Innovate the independent evaluation of "Talents Who Do Not Enjoy Talent Policy Support" in enterprises. According to different industries, 100 enterprises with good production and management and large investment in scientific research will be selected every two years, and the autonomy of talent evaluation will be delegated to enterprises. According to the shortage of talents, remuneration and other conditions of the enterprise, each enterprise determines about 3 talents in urgent need who do not meet the requirements of various talent policies. They need to be engaged in key positions such as technology research and development, management, and operation skills in the enterprise full-time. They will each receive 40,000 yuan a year for two consecutive years. They will also be included in the high-caliber personnel directory and will be able to enjoy relevant services. The talents who do not enjoy talent policy support can participate in the rolling evaluation of enterprises and obtain more rounds of support according to the evaluation of enterprises.

. Build a high-level carrier for talent platform

30. Introduce leading institutes, universities, enterprises. Introduce a number of large institutes, universities, and state-owned enterprises, building specialized scientific & technological achievements transformation base and competitive industrial base. At least 100 million yuan will be provided for institutions of higher learning in China and abroad, and national scientific research institution, which can be introduced as whole-system. Up to 50 million yuan will be supported for the well-known universities and research institutes in China and abroad, Fortune Global 500 companies, which establish or co-construct the R&D headquarters or R&D institutions with independent legal person status in Zibo and in line with the industrial development direction of Zibo, in addition, introduce the core technology and configured the core R&D team. Those districts, counties and municipal departments who introduce   above-mentioned large institutes, universities and enterprises, will be respectively regarded as the completion of 2 billion yuan and 1 billion yuan investment promotion task.

31.Strengthen Platform Aggregation Function.2 million yuan(national level) and 1 million yuan(provincial level) will be one-time awarded to newly recognized high-level innovation platforms at or above provincial level such as laboratories, key laboratories, technology innovation centers, industry innovation centers, manufacturing innovation centers, enterprise technology centers, engineering research centers, industrial design centers, industrial design institutes, technological innovation demonstration enterprises, and international scientific and technological cooperation bases. The newly established postdoctoral research station and provincial postdoctoral innovation practice base will be awarded a one-time subsidy of 500,000 yuan and 250,000 yuan respectively, and another 250,000 yuan will be awarded when the base is approved to set up the workstation. Postdoctoral researchers will be given a one-time start-up fund of 50,000 yuan after completing the research proposal. Postdoctoral researchers at the station approved to receive fund from projects above the provincial level will be given supporting fund in a 1:1 ratio with a maximum of 100,000 yuan. We will support the construction of public service platforms such as pilot bases for key industries and service organization for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. According to their operation conditions, 3 or so outstanding ones will be identified per year, each of which will be awarded with 500,000 yuan. Evaluate the performance of the national registered “Xingchuang Agricultural Innovation Space” and the provincial registered “Agricultural Station”, and provide the best ones with the fund of 200,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan. Funds will be increased to 300,000 yuan for those enterprises and public institutions, which newly constructed the academician workstations and national key talent workstation. In addition, the maximum support is 1 million yuan, according to its operation and the results of transformation. To construct Zibo innovation and entrepreneurship service center for oversea talents. Give full play to the service functions of the existing public technical service platforms, and a maximum of 1 million yuan support will be provided for those who are in perfect operation management and offer high-quality and efficient services for small, medium and micro enterprises.

32.Support the Development of Mass Innovation Space. 2 million yuan and 500,000 yuan will be respectively awarded to newly recognized national and provincial demonstration base of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and the incubator of science and technology enterprise. 500,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan will be respectively awarded to newly recognized national and provincial mass innovation space. Those newly recognized as national level and provincial level business incubation demonstration bases (industrial parks) will be awarded with 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan respectively. Relying on the key enterprises, scientific research institutions and industry organizations, and focusing on key industries, we will vigorously build a low-cost, all-round, professional and open mass innovation space. In three years, we will initially build 50 demonstration mass innovation spaces. Each year, 3 to 5 spaces with strong demonstration and driving effect are selected to give one-time reward of 500,000 yuan for each space.

33.Intensify efforts to develop talent enclaves. The R&D centers, joint laboratories, incubators and other talent enclaves in other places set up by Zibo’s enterprises will be evaluated according to the achievements transformation, technological breakthroughs and talent introduction of our city, and each of the 3 to 5 enclaves with excellent evaluation will be awarded a financial support of  1 million yuan. The high-level talents employed in the enclave of outstanding talents can apply for the key talent project of Zibo. For independent R&D institutions set up outside Zibo by Zibo’s enterprises, the enterprise will be given a post-subsidy of 10% of the newly added R&D expenses deducted from the previous year on the condition that its R&D achievements are converted into local enterprises, with a maximum support of 500,000 yuan.

34. Strengthen the capability of public training base. Strengthen the capability of public training base. Certain subsidies will be provided by the city revenue according to the number of the trained skilled personnel for enterprise. A one-time support of 200,000 yuan will be given to newly recognized provincial-level public training bases for replacing old drivers with new ones. Each year, the number of public training personnel and the results of public training bases at or above municipal level, and public training bases of 3 to 5 enterprises with excellent evaluation will be awarded by 100,000 yuan.

35.Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.Up to 2 million yuan will be awarded to the demonstrative national technology transfer institution. Establish municipal special funds for scientific and technological achievements transformation. For the units who undertake the transformation of national and provincial major scientific and technological achievements, and increase the project sales revenue by more than 50 million yuan during the implementation period, a maximum of 500,000 yuan will be awarded.

36. Increase incentives for scientific research. For the first unit who completes the research and wins national and provincial science and technology award and patent award(patentee), an equal amount fund will be provided by municipal finance.

Ⅵ. Develop the First-rate Ecology of Talent Development

37.Improve the mechanism of the input of diversified talents. Give full play to the role of the municipal talent development fund and increase the investment in talent innovation and startup projects above the municipal level, with the investment ratio of no less than 20% for key talent projects. Set up loans for science and technology R&D, improve the policy of risk compensation and discount loan interest, attract financial capital to support the R&D of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, and the annual balance of the R&D loans for single account enterprises included in the risk compensation will be up to 20 million yuan.

38.Increase financial support for talent entrepreneurship.  Implement the discount loan interest policy. A guaranteed loan of up to 300,000 yuan will be provide for each qualified individual entrepreneur twice. The time limit of each time should be less than 3 years with the loan interest rate not exceeding the quoted market interest rate plus 0.5%. The first loan is provided with a full discount interest rate, the second 50% discount interest subsidy. The maximum amount of guaranteed loans for enterprises established by qualified college students and professionals will be 3 million yuan. The loan interest will be borne by the enterprise according to the quoted interest rate of the loan market minus 1.5%, and the remaining part will be given discount interest. For enterprises run by top notch and high-end talents, if they have obtained commercial loans and are not included in other discount interest plans, the loan interest will be borne by the enterprise according to the quoted interest rate of the loan market minus 1.5%, and the remaining part will be given discount interest, with a maximum discount interest amount of 2 million yuan.

39.Housing project for talents. The city and districts (counties) will build a large number of property type and lease type talent apartments. Support the employing units and real estate development enterprises in building talent apartments, projects included in the construction plan of the city's talent apartments. For projects included in Zibo’s talent apartment preparation plan, the credit rating of real estate development enterprises will be given points according to the number of preparation tasks undertaken and the quality of completion. Graduates of full-time college degree or above, graduates of full-time senior class(including) or above in technical college and talents with capacity equal to graduates mentioned above who are newly cultivated or introduced to Zibo’s enterprises and public institutions, individual industrial and commercial households, can rent or purchase talent apartments. The high-level talents urgently needed will be enjoy the convenience of “Concrete solution for concrete case” to solve housing problem. Implement a housing purchase subsidy policy. For talents who do not purchase the above-mentioned talent apartment and choose to buy commodity house, graduates with doctoral degree, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree and associate degree will receive a one-off housing purchase subsidy of 300,000 yuan, 120,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan respectively. Another subsidy of 10,000 yuan will be given to the above talents purchasing commodity house newly built-in designated areas. Newly introduced and cultivated high-level talents can enjoy the loan limit twice the maximum of housing accumulation fund when they buy houses for the first time in Zibo.

40. Establish talent honor system. Select “Zibo Outstanding Talent”. Praise the talents who have made outstanding contributions to accelerating traditional drivers being replaced by new ones and economic and social development in Zibo. The selection activity will be carried out every 3 years, 3 to 5 people each time, and everyone will be awarded 1 million yuan.

41. Open green channels of school selection for talents children. The high-level talents’ children can enjoy the enrollment of preschool, compulsory education and secondary vocational education in the whole city according to their own wishes.  Those who take the junior high school academic level examination may attend the registration and enrollment in the school where they are studying or the school which is located in the place where their residence are registered, or the intended school which can reach the certain admission line according to the overall arrangement of the students' scores in the whole city. Those who attend the college entrance examination will be provided with counseling service for further study.

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