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Dongying|Yangmiao Community, with beautiful landscape and prosperous industry

2022/8/5 16:10:00

Walking into Yangmiao Community, in Kenli District, Dongying City, you will see neatly arranged red buildings along the flat cement pavements. The former impoverished village in the Yellow River beach has made earth-shaking changes. 

Yangmiao Community is a new rural community aiming to improve the production and living conditions of the people in the original area along the Yellow River. The community started construction in 2013 and was completed in 2016, with a total investment of 560 million yuan. It has built 82 residential buildings and 1,446 houses, and now has 1,535 households and 4,792 residents. The community general Party branch has 11 Party branches with 237 Party members. 

Under the guidance of Yangmiao Community Party Committee, the 11 village Party branches set up cooperatives, actively develop and strengthen the collective economy, increase the income of farmers, writing a new chapter of rural revitalization.

The community provides central heating, natural gas, and centralized sewage treatment. Public service facilities such as service centers for the public, activity centers for the elderly, and centers for children and adolescent have been set up. Six service management grids have been divided, and a center for resolving conflicts and disputes has been established. 

Great efforts have been made to develop fruit and vegetable cultivation, rural tourism and other industries. Six cooperatives led by Party branches have expanded the source of people's income from monoculture income to various ways such as land transfer, labor and operation income, and the income of farmers has been steadily increased.

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