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Agricultural demonstration area of Yellow River Delta to foster engine for rural revitalization

2022/8/3 14:33:00

President Xi Jinping’s investigation on October 21, 2021 charted the course and provided the fundamental principle for the construction and development of the Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Area of the Yellow River Delta of Shandong Province.

Today, the area, grasping the historical opportunity and adhering to the core-driven coordinated development of the four zones, plans to construct the four functional zones of agricultural science and technology innovation zone, coastal new driving force industrial zone, rural revitalization model zone, and marine ecological conservation zone, to lay a solid foundation for the accelerated development. 

With a planned area of 27 square kilometers, the agricultural science and technology innovation zone is positioned as a place for the transformation of saline-alkali agricultural achievements, a source of the new growth drivers, a leader in rural industry revitalization, and a destination for ecological agricultural tourism, so as to create a core engine driving innovation and rural revitalization in rural areas.

The coastal new driving force industrial zone, with a planning area of 91 square kilometers, is positioned as the main battlefield for the transformation of old and new driving forces, a gathering area for high-tech industries, a vibrant area for enriching industry and people's entrepreneurship, and a financial resource cultivation area for the area, providing financial support for scientific and technological innovation and rural revitalization. 

The model zone of rural revitalization is built based on Dingzhuang sub-district and Guangbei farm area, with a planning area of 163 square kilometers, aiming to foster a demonstration and promotion base for the transfer and transformation of saline-alkali agricultural research and development achievements, a test field for new agricultural development model, and a demonstration model for the integrated development of industry, town and village. 

Divided into the salt field ecological restoration area and marine ecological protection area from the east to the west, the marine ecological conservation zone, covering a planning area of 69 square kilometers, aims to protect and restore the coastal saline-alkali beaches, wetland ecology and marine environment, and to create a saline-alkali land with diverse ecology and strong carrying capacity.

In the first half of 2022, the GDP of the demonstration area is expected to reach 2.85 billion yuan, and the total investment in fixed assets will reach 496 million yuan, up 125.5 percent year on year. The tax revenue will be 1.203 billion yuan, up 27.98 percent year on year.

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