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Explore the charm of Jiao Yulu spirit in Zibo

2022/6/28 11:58:13

On the afternoon of June 28, the delegation of “Touch Shandong” International Friends’ Tour of Zibo arrived at Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall to explore the connotation of Jiao Yulu spirit.

Jiao Yulu, a civil servant, sacrificed his life in 1964 while trying to alleviate poverty, and became a role model for other Party members.

Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall (the former residence) covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Through historical archives, texts and pictures, objects, sculptures, oil paintings, scenes and screen projection, ring screens and other new technology means, it presents a true, vivid reproduction of Jiao Yulu who had served the people wholeheartedly.

Members of the delegation were moved by Jiao Yulu’s deeds after interpreters of the memorial hall introduced his stories. The pictures and statue of Jiao Yulu, displaying his deeds and words, impressed them deeply.

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