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International friends give thumbs-up to Yantai wine and its fairyland landscape

2022/6/20 17:51:05

  The “’Awesome Yantai’ International Friends Tour of Penglai” kicked off on June 18, 2022. 21 international friends from the US, Canada, France, South Korea and the Netherlands enjoyed the good wine and beautiful scenery in Penglai District of Yantai City, East China’s Shandong Province.

  Yantai, located on the golden latitude of 37 degrees north latitude, is an important wine producing area in China. Penlai, along with Bordeaux in France and Napa in the US, is known as one of the “Seven Grape Coasts of the World” for its three crucial characteristics of sunshine, sand and sea suitable for grape growth.

  Before departure, Evan Vars, a foreign language teacher of Yantai International School, from the US, expressed great expectations for the trip. He believes that wine is of great significance to Yantai’s tourism, culture and economy. “I have never visited a winery in Yantai before, so I am particularly looking forward to today’s trip,” said Evan. “I’d like to taste a wide variety of Yantai wines.”

  Penglai is recognized as a high-quality wine grape and wine producing area. Mild temperature, abundant sunlight and mineral-rich gravel soil give the wines rich fruit flavors, fine and prolonged tannins, moderate acidity, soft taste, balanced wine body and good storage capacity.

  After visiting Domaine de Long Dai, Runaway Cow Winery, Chateau Junding, Yantai Wosen Agricultural Technology Co. LTD. and COFCO Greatwall Winery (Penglai) Co. LTD., the international friends felt the charm of Yantai wine and gave a thumbs-up to it. “Yantai wine tastes great!” The praise was overwhelming.

  Louis Lamy, a foreign language teacher at Ludong University, from France, said that he knew that Yantai had a long history of wine making, and through this activity, he learned more about the wine making process of Yantai wine and tasted different wines here. He said that Yantai wine and French wine have their own merits, and Penglai of Yantai is worthy of being listed as one of the world's seven grape coasts.

  Kyoung Jae-son, director and general manager of Posco (Yantai) Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., LTD., from South Korea, said that the wineries in Yantai have very modern facilities and good management level, which is conducive to holding some large-scale international events.

  Thierry Lepinay, a foreign language teacher at Shandong University from France, is very optimistic about the future development of Yantai wine. He said that the local wines are made very professionally, and each winery has its own characteristics. He believes that there will be further breakthroughs if the city sticks to it.

  As the only “Well-known Wine City in China”, Penglai has been adhering to the development idea of “building high-quality producing area, characteristic vineyards and fine wineries, and leading industry development with standards.” At present, it has 62 wine enterprises with an annual production capacity of 140,000 kiloliters and a comprehensive output value of 4.5 billion yuan. In addition, there are 33 high-quality wineries and 1 national characteristic town of wine. The regional brand value of Penglai Coastal Wine reaches 8 billion yuan.

  In addition to good wine, Yantai’s human geography and business environment are also important factors to attract foreigners to live and work in the city.

  During his three years in Yantai, Louis Lamy was fascinated by the mountain and sea scenery, fairyland stories, friendly citizens and weather with four distinctive seasons of the city. He thinks Yantai is a romantic and poetic city, just like his native France.

  Kang Jae-hwa, CEO of Yantai Hyundai Heavy Industries CO., LTD., from South Korea, said that Yantai has perfect policies to support foreigners and foreign enterprises. Although the pandemic has been severe in recent years, his company has been running well with the help of the local government. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, he hopes to take this opportunity to make the development of the enterprise better.

  Park Sang-yeon, president of the Korean Investment Enterprise Branch of Yantai Foreign Investment Enterprise Association, from South Korea, has been working and living in Yantai for 12 years. He believes that Yantai is very close to South Korea and has the most suitable climate and environment for people to live in. “The people of Yantai are very hard-working and highly qualified, and Yantai has many advantages,” he said.

  Park Sang-yeon also thinks Yantai is very suitable for enterprises’ cluster development because it has very complete infrastructure and a lot of high-quality talents. Moreover, Yantai, as a coastal city, has very good export conditions. All of these are important factors for the development of enterprises.

  The event was co-organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Yantai Committee, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Yantai and the People’s Government of Penglai District of Yantai. It aims to let the foreign friends living and working in Yantai better understand Yantai, pay attention to Yantai, and integrate into Yantai.

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