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Working together to create friendly environment for people with cognitive impairment

2022/5/9 20:18:18

At 7:00 pm on April 26, a "Sharing Meeting with Cognitive Impairment Friends" which was jointly held by Weifang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and Weifang Basic People's Livelihood Guarantee Service Center to further care for people with cognitive impairment and their families, and to popularize relevant knowledge of cognitive impairment in an all-round way, to create a friendly environment in the whole society for people with cognitive impairment.

By introducing the difference between cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease and making the detailed interpretation of five key information about cognitive symptoms with the help of real-life videos of patients, PPT presentations, etc., the sharing meeting aims to improve the public awareness and understanding of cognitive impairment. The sharing meeting also aims to guide the public to have more understanding, support and tolerance for people with cognitive impairment and their families, and work together to help them live happily, freely, happily with dignity.

At the meeting, the psychological counseling hotline was also opened with the phone No. of 0536-8909566, to provide psychological counseling services from 9:00 to 18:00 every day for families with cognitive impairment. On the night of the event, a total of 164 people participated in the sharing and interaction online, which were widely praised by all walks of life, with 10,236 “likes”.

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