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Qingdao Experimental School pays tribute to workers with tea

2022/5/7 17:15:01

On occasion of the May 1st Labor Day, an elegant tea art class is ongoing in Qingdao Experimental School.

Qingdao Experimental School has developed the characteristic comprehensive labor practice curriculum- China tea art course based on its actual situation. To create a strong atmosphere of tea culture, the school carefully decorated the tea art classroom and maximized the education space so as to show the extensive and profound Chinese tea culture.

“The knowledge of tea is rich and colorful. Students cannot only about tea, tea sets and the history of tea, but also improve their hands-on ability in the process of making tea while appreciating the beauty of tea and experiencing the joy of labor.” said Shi Jie, a teacher at Qingdao Experimental School.

Guided by the teacher, the students completed the series of professional process of tea-making, paying tribute to workers with tea.

In the class, the students got interested in the use of tea sets after having got a good understanding of the cultural knowledge about tea, including the origin, development, making process and etiquette of tea drinking.

The students ground, pasted, placed and divided tea, and drew various lifelike patterns with teaspoons.They not only learn the basic etiquette of tea drinking, but also learned about the six gentlemen of tea sets: tea measures, tea needles, tea funnels, tea holders, teaspoons, tea canisters and their uses.

Qingdao Experimental School will continue to guide students to learn about the brilliant Chinese tea culture through various activities, so that students can participate in labor, experience labor, learn about the "spirit of labor" in practice, and awaken the traditional virtue of passion for labor.

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