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Nearly 40 new species found in Weishan Lake wetland in Shandong

2022/4/28 12:47:14

According to Weishan Lake Wetland Biodiversity Academician Workstation, it has collected nearly 200 species in Weishan Lake, including nearly 40 new species (first discovered in the world), more than 100 molecular marker sequences, and more than 80 new species (first discovered in China) recorded in China. The family background information of ciliate species-gene-habitat diversity in Weishan Lake Wetland was presented preliminarily, and corresponding microscopic map and retrieval table were simultaneously formed, which filled in the relevant research gaps in freshwater wetland habitat at home and abroad, and preliminarily discussed the relationship between water ecological environment change and ciliate community succession.

"Studying the protozoa of inland wetlands is a pioneering step in China, and our previous work shows that the complex and diverse habitats of Weishan Lake play a very important role in biodiversity conservation." said Lu Bolong, postdoctoral fellow of Weishan Lake Wetland Biodiversity Academician Workstation.

At present, the workstation has arranged more than 30 sampling sites in Weishan Lake area to carry out ciliate species diversity survey. It is expected that in 5 years, the first-hand information of ciliate diversity pattern in Weishan Lake environment will be comprehensively constructed, and the relationship between water environment change and ciliate community succession will be discussed. This will provide a professional reference and theoretical basis (of related protozoan groups) for the protection and management of Weishan Lake wetland ecological environment, the development and utilization of biological resources and the prevention and control of pests and diseases in aquaculture industry.

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