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Shandong improves temporary relief system to guarantee the basic livelihood of groups in difficulty

2022/4/27 17:09:16

According to the Department of Finance of Shandong Province, in order to give a better play to the function of emergency relief of the temporary relief system in public emergencies, Shandong has recently improved the temporary relief system for urgent difficulties, to effectively guarantee the basic livelihood of the groups in difficulty.

In terms of expanding the scope of relief, Shandong has canceled the restrictions in application on the places of permanent and current residence for families and individuals who encounter sudden, urgent and catastrophic difficulties that cannot be covered by other social assistance systems or who still face difficulties in livelihood after receiving assistance and need immediate assistance measures, to whom temporary assistance will be provided directly from the place where the emergency occurs.

In terms of improving the efficiency of relief, the temporary relief fund of the township (sub-district) will be utilized; and departments of civil affairs at township (sub-district) and county levels can carry out 24-hour quick response and first aid, and fill in relevant materials as required in the aftermath.

In terms of increasing relief, for those with severe difficulties and in need of large amount of relief, the amount can be determined with reference to the standard of expenditure-based temporary relief; for major public emergencies such as major epidemics that cause temporary serious difficulties in basic livelihood, the amount of emergency temporary relief will be increased in stages, and the basic living guarantees for groups in need will be strengthened.

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