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Shandong fully launches food traceability system

2022/4/13 15:25:04

According to a press conference held on April 12 by the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government, this year, Shandong is to fully launch the “Shandong Food Chain”, the province’s traceability system of edible agricultural products and foods, to promote the traceability of foods in 10 major categories including vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, grain and relevant products, meat products, dairy products, edible oils, alcohols, health foods, infant formula foods, as well as in 3 types of units, including school canteens, collective meal suppliers, and central kitchens.

Last year, Shandong Province vigorously promoted food safety and drug quality, reaching above 98% in the pass rate of main agricultural products and foods, and 99.8% in the pass rate of drug sampling inspection in the province, witnessing generally stable and improving food and drug safety.

The “Shandong Food Chain” was put into trial operation last year and will be in full operation this year. By the end of 2021, there were 23,000 school canteens, 262 off-campus meal suppliers, and more than 10 million teachers and students in the province. In order to ensure the safety of students’ meals, Shandong Province will promote the application and full coverage of the food safety traceability system in all schools (including kindergartens) and off-campus meal suppliers in the province this year to ensure that both the source and the destination of food can be traced.

At the same time, Shandong will accelerate the development of a drug traceability system and explore the development of a traceability system for traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, to realize the traceability of source, destination, and the responsibility of drugs.

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