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Shandong realizes whole-process supervision of imported cold-chain foods

2022/3/15 17:21:59

The Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government held a press conference on the province’s work of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control. Zou Xingzu, a second-level inspector of Shandong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation, said that after nearly two years of practice and exploration, Shandong has formed a set of effective control measures, realizing the whole-process supervision of imported cold-chain foods.

47 special warehouses for centralized regulation have been built and put into operation in all the 16 cities in the province as the first defense line against the virus, to conduct centralized nucleic acid testing and preventive disinfection of imported cold-chain foods entering Shandong Province.

Since the operation of the special warehouses on December 10, 2020, 24.35 million tons of imported cold-chain foods has been disinfected and 485.02 million samples for nucleic acid tests have been taken, with 182 batches of food tested positive, which were all controlled in the warehouse under closed regulation at the first time and did not enter the market.

Shandong has established a rigorous working mechanism of “dynamic screening and regular testing” of the environment, foods and personnel related to cold-chain foods, to ensure that “all those in need are tested”, with a round completed every half month.

As of the end of February, a total of 38 rounds of regular screening tests have been completed, with a total of 6.8069 million samples of the environment, 4.6996 million samples of foods, and 10.8943 million personnel tested, providing a strong guarantee for the early detection and early handling of the epidemic.

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