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Shandong to basically finish unified confirmation and registration of key natural resources in 9 cities

2022/3/15 15:49:58

The Department of Natural Resources of Shandong Province recently issued the “Work Program for the Unified Confirmation and Registration of Key Natural Resources in the 9 Cities along the Yellow River (Shandong Section)”.

The Program proposed that by 2024, Shandong Province will basically complete the work of unified confirmation and registration of key natural resources in 9 cities along the Yellow River (Shandong Section), supporting the reform of ecological progress system and the development of natural resource management system in the Yellow River Basin.

According to the Program, from 2021 to 2024, Shandong will focus on the natural resource rights registration of 81 natural conservation areas, 35 rivers and lakes, 421 mineral resources at provincial level. The municipal government of the 9 cities along the Yellow River will submit the city’s list of key tasks to the Department of Natural Resources of Shandong Province for filing.

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