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More than 5 billion trees voluntarily planted in Shandong

2022/3/14 16:20:41

March 12 marks China’s 44th Tree Planting Day. According to the Department of Natural Resources of Shandong Province, for more than 40 years, Shandong has actively innovated the forms of voluntary tree planting activities and organized a series of afforestation and greening activities that have been proved fruitful.

So far, the province has built 452 voluntary tree-planting bases, including 34 at provincial-level. About 1.2 billion citizens of the right age participated in voluntary tree-planting, with more than 5 billion trees (including conversion) planted in total.

Improving the quality of voluntary tree planting activities is an important way to promote afforestation. In 2021, Shandong overfulfilled the task of afforestation, its work commended by the State Forestry and Grass Administration.

Shandong launched the provincial website of national voluntary tree planting in 2020, and the WeChat Public Account “Voluntary Tree-planting in Shandong” in 2021, issued the electronic version of “Certificate of Duty Fulfillment of Voluntary Tree Planting”, encouraging and guiding all cities and departments to establish and improve voluntary tree planting participation methods that adapt to the development of the times, such as “tree planting on the cloud" and “duty fulfillment through the code”.

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