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Remarkable Shandong | White-skinned cucumber in Songqian Village, Haiyang

2022/3/10 15:59:51

The white-skinned cucumber, a specialty agricultural product in Songqian Village, Haiyang County-level City, Yantai City, East China’s Shandong Province, features crystal white skin and crisp and juicy pulp, and has been famous for decades.

In 1976, the village undertook the work of vegetable planting for the vegetable company of the county, in a way that was similar to “order-based planting” at present, laying the foundation for the planting of white cucumbers in greenhouses in the village since 1993. The 6-year “trial planting” had brought the villagers considerable revenue. In 1999, the leadership of the village further intensified support for greenhouse construction. So far, the village has more than 60 greenhouses, covering an area of more than 160 mu (approx. 10.67 ha.).

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