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Remarkable Shandong | Mengyin peach leads the nation in planting area and output

2022/3/7 17:06:11

Yimeng area features a long history and rich resources in peach cultivation, especially famous for Mengyin peach.

In the 1980s, Mengyin county, based on its actual conditions, identified fruit industry as its pillar industry. 80% of mountains and hills in the county planted peach and 80% of farmers’ income was from peach industry. The planting area and output of peaches both ranked first in China.

The brand value of Mengyin Peach has reached 26.6 billion yuan, and is known as "famous fruit in China". Mengyin county has won the reputation of "China's peach city" and "First peach county in China" .

Thanks to the innate weather and geographic advantages, more than 90% of Mengyin county is mountainous and hilly, with long sunshine duration, large temperature difference, neutral and slightly acidic soil, which are conducive to fruit growth, coloring and sugar accumulation. The sugar content of peaches produced here is 2 to 5 percentage points higher than peaches in other areas.

As a modern peach industry system demonstration county, Mengyin constantly adjusts and optimizes its peach planting structure. Every year, 2 to 4 new varieties will be promoted across the county. From early spring to early winter, 200 varieties of Mengyin peach are on sale in the market.

Peach industry has effectively driven the rapid development of transportation, logistics, storage, deep processing, and rural tourism in the county. Peach related processing industry in the county achieves an annual output value of 2 billion yuan; logistics enterprises reach 130 with an annual output value of 9.6 billion yuan; over 100,000 people are committed to peach production, with the labor income alone reaching 200 million yuan. The county has given priority to building the "red fruit tourism" industry. Every year, the county receives more than 3 million tourists and its output value exceeds 1.5 billion yuan.

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